the joy of teaching, the love of learning

the joy of teaching, the love of learning

Meet the Board

Welcome to the Board

Our Board are passionate about our kindergarten communities - children, their whanau and our staff. As such, our kindergarten communities are the focus of all decisions, discussions and future directions that we as a Board undertake. We feel privileged to be part of the learning journey that the Tamariki in our kindergartens are embarking on and are greatly inspired and encouraged in 'the joy of teaching and love of  learning' that is fostered in these communities.


The Napier Kindergarten Association Board is responsible for the governance of the Association and its role includes:

• Development of the Association’s Strategic Plan
• Employment of the General Manager
• Monitoring of strategic outcomes
• Management of risk
• Monitoring of legal compliance
• Setting policies

The Napier Kindergarten Association Board is comprised of the following 9 positions:

Vice President
Staff Board Member
Board Members (x6)

The General Manager, Finance Manager and Education Managers are Ex officio members of the Board.

Members are either voted or conscripted onto the Board for a 2 year term.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year in order to carry out its responsibilities. Representatives of the Board also attend Kindergarten AGM’s, the Association AGM and on occasion may participate on various Standing Committees or Review Groups.

The Board prepares regular newsletters which are distributed to our kindergarten communities and are also available under the Board Newsletter page.

Current Board Members:

Jessica Uri (President 2013 to 2017)
Jessica was co opted to the Board in Nov 2010 and elected as President in 2013.
As a parent she
brings over 10 years experience and a good knowledge of kindergarten life. She has always had an interest in education and children and has recently completed her studies towards a BA major in Education. She is friendly, open to new ideas and love slearning. Her vision for ECE is that it continues to move forward in positive ways and that the Government realise that early childhood education is so important to all children's learning and education.

She is a mother of 6 and very interested in what the future holds for our young ones. She believes we need to ensure our children are given the very best start they can have when they enter the education system, as this is the gateway to their learning in the future. She brings a mothers point of view if you like.

Rachel Murray (Elected Staff Board Member)
Rachel is Head Teacher of Tamatea Kindergarten and was elected to the Board by staff in 2016. Rachel has a strong interest in learning about governance and being involved in setting the future direction of Napier Kindergartens. She brings her experiences as a teacher, a parent and an employee to the role. 

Sarah Nash
Sarah was elected to the Board in April 2016.

She has worked in Public Relations (PR) for over 18 years (including six years in London) and for the past 10 years has run her own business. As a highly skilled PR consultant she prides herself on devising and implementing effective communication strategies and these skills are fundamental to the success of any business or organisation.
With four children (two of whom are step-children) she is very aware of the importance of nurturing inquisitive and enquiring minds and the important role early childcare plays.  Many studies show that our children are ‘shaped’ between the ages of 2-5years of age so therefore quality pre-school education is paramount to us forming self-assured, happy kids which then leads to vibrant and successful communities. She is excited about the opportunity to channel my passion for children, education and our community together with my professional competencies into helping make a positive difference on the NKA board.

Rob Barzey
Rob was co opted to the Board in May 2014. He currently has a child attending kindergarten. Rob and his wife operate a design, marketing and printing business. He was impressed by the commitment of the Board when he attended the AGM meeting in 2014 and became interested in learning more about the Association

Ingrid Squire
Ingrid was elected to the Board in April 2015. Ingrid has a personal interest in in the Association as her son attends kindergarten. She has had previous experience on a number of committees and Executives over the past 18 years, in particular her role as Convenor of the New Zealand Law Society Standards Committee (for HB). Her legal training requires that she be able to pay attention to detail and absorb information quickly - skills which will help in her role on the Board. 

Sarah Beckett

Sarah was elected to the Board in April 2015. Sarah is an experienced solicitor with previous governance  and kindergarten committee experience. Having enjoyed a close association with her daughter's kindergarten she is keen to be involved in shaping policy and the strategic direction of the Association.

Jo Coffin
Jo was elected to the Board on 12 April 2017. She is a primary school teacher who has taught 5 year olds over the last few years. She has been involved with Taradale Kindergarten for the past 7 years where her 3 children have attended. She recognises the uniqueness of kindergarten and the benefits of having fully registered teachers who are dedicated, passionate professionals. She feels she has a good understanding of the need for quality early childhood education and the impact it has for transitions to school.

Janelle Htuchings

Janelle was elected to the Board on 12 April 2017. She has 3 young children, one of whom is attending Wharerangi Kindergarten. She is seeking the opportunity to be involved in the decision making and development of the association as a whole. She brings a number of strengths and skills to the Board including excellent communicator, being well organised and a quick learner, knowledge and active participation of different ECE provision.

Bot Apr 2017
Back row, left to right: Sarah Beckett, Sarah Nash, Jo Coffin, Janelle Hutchings, Jessica Uri
Front row, left to right: Ingrid Squire, Rachel Murray
Rob Barzey
Board member Rob Barzey

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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Learning is child's play and teaching is a passion.

Our Mission:
Providing flourishing environments where learning is child's play and teaching is a passion.