the joy of teaching, the love of learning

the joy of teaching, the love of learning

Strategic Plan

Napier Kindergarten Association’s Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022

Learning is child's play and teaching is a passion
Children and parents look forward to their kindergarten experience.  
Meet community ECE needs
A resilient organisation
Financial sustainability


  • Free flowing communication is evident across all levels of our association
  • We use a wide range of mediums to communicate with our whanau
  • We raise brand awareness through our marketing strategies
  • We can articulate our practice, who we are and what we stand for
  • We have a culture of:
    • Respectful & trusting relationships
    • Care for the wellbeing of all people
    • Supporting employees through change
    • Professionalism
  • We are leaders in ECE practice
  • We nurture & grow leadership capability
  • We have a solid reputation for greatness
  • Our people are qualified, competent, flexible, adaptable and share our vision and commitment
  • Children and whanau are engaged
  • We are an employer of choice
  • Environmental awareness & respect evident
  • Our resources, facilities & services are fit for purpose
  • Environments are engaging for employees, children & whanau
Future Sustainability
  • Accessibility, meeting community whanau needs, affordable  
  • We provide services to as many whanau as possible by being adaptable & responsive to changing needs
  • Full enrolment levels, waiting lists
  • Strong financial position
  • 3 months cash reserves
  • Financially prudent & savvy
  • Our kindergartens are well resourced
  • We plan strategically for the long term future of kindergarten provision in Napier & Wairoa


  • Develop communication strategies & plans for:
    • Communication across our association
    • Communicating our decision making processes
    • Consultation
  • Review marketing initiatives - are they:
    • Visible
    • Regular & effective
    • Conveying the right messages
  • We have plans for building employee resilience & capability, and deliver on them
  • Opportunities to grow leadership capability are available to and taken up by employees
  • Succession plans are in place for Board & key management employees
  • +ve feedback from those using/interacting with our service
  • Our properties are well maintained, regularly serviced & legally compliant
  • Our environments are safe, well planned, attractive, encourage curiosity & excitement
  • We have processes in place to regularly check whanau's views of our services & the extent to which we meet their needs
  • We are flexible & adaptable to meeting community needs

Measures / Indicators

  • Communication plan is developed
  • Delivery of the communication plan is evident
  • Social media coverage
  • Positive ERO reports
  • Succession planning for key personnel & the Board
  • Volume of applicants for vacant positions
  • Employee retention levels
  • Exit survey results
  • Board/community engagement & feedback
  • Positive ERO reports
  • H & S obligations met
  • H & S reports
  • Regulation requirements met
  • Kindergartens moving through enviroschool reflections
  • Parent feedback
  • Operating within budget
  • 3 months reserves
  • % Enrolment levels
  • % satisfaction of parents
  • Number of new services
  • Financial reporting & monitoring
  • Enrolment monitoring
Future Focused
Teaching and learning
Tangatawhenuatanga: Every child experiences    
the breadth & depth of a rich local curriculum          

Rangitiratanga: Every child becomes increasingly
confident & competent to run their own lives

Manaakitanga: Every child's culture, Identity &      
language is affirmed    
Whakawhanaungatanga: Teachers engage in
partnerships with parents & whanau to promote  learning

Ako: Every child empowered by the kaupapa of
creating a healthy, peaceful, sustainable world
through people teaching & learning together  


Contact Us


Phone:  06 835 7890


66 Kennedy Road, Napier

PO Box 4298, Marewa, Napier

New Zealand

Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Learning is child's play and teaching is a passion.

Our Mission:
Children and parents look forward to their kindergarten experience