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Strategic Plan

                                             Napier Kindergarten Association’s Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019
NKA - Relevant and Thriving
Providing quality foundation education for young children that is professional, accessible and excellent
Meet community ECE needs
A resilient organisation
Financial sustainability
Growth of services and products Full enrolment in NKA services Excellent Leadership Financial Sustainability
  • Increased range of services and products that are relevant and evolving
  • Engage in partnerships, collaborative ventures
  • Explore different ways of working
  • Maintain excellent ECE reputation
  • Hold current families
  • Engage new families
  • Ensure capacity to meet demand
  • Relevant in the community
  • Deliberate in all planning
  • Courageous conversations
  • Courageous decisions
  • Committed to the objectives of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • 3 months reserves
  • Alternative funding streams
  • Financially prudent and savvy
  • Explore options for services and products eg home based, hours etc
  • Under 3’s strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Meet community needs for ECE
  • Reduce barriers for families
  • Develop social media
  • Marketing Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Staff PD Plan
  • Explore actions for organisational and staff resilience
  • Explore options for growth
  • Seek flexibility and nimbleness
  • Build leadership capability
  • Explore MOE initiatives that may be beneficial
  • Business Plan
Measures / Indicators
  • Number of new successful services and/or products
  • Number of new partnerships formed
  • Full kindergartens
  • Percentage satisfaction of parents
  • Number of new services
  • Positive ERO reports
  • Succession planning (including Board)
  • Operating within budget
  • 3 months reserves
Future Focused

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66 Kennedy Road, Napier

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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Napier Kindergarten Association - Relevant and thriving.

Our Mission:
Providing a quality foundation education that is professional, accessible and excellent.