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Strategic Plan

Napier Kindergarten Association’s Strategic Plan 2009-2014                         

Our Vision:      Children enriched for life with a joy and passion for learning

Our Mission:  Providing a quality foundation education that is professional, accessible and excellent

Our Goals
Renowned Education

Quality Staff

Financial Sustainability

Effective Partnerships & Collaboration

Excellent Governance

Looks like: Children who are

·          Free to play

·          Stimulated and challenged.

·          Developing skills in sharing, problem solving, negotiation

·          Encouraged to have enquiring and curious minds

·          Socially confident, able to form friendships & relationships

·          Have experienced a large range of activities.

·          Joyful, enthusiastic, content, ready to learn

·            Holistically healthy

In environments that

·          Are attractive and fun, have modern equipment & resources that meet Association standards

·          Are culturally diverse

·           Reflect best practice

Looks like: Staff who

·          Are appropriately qualified and inspired, inspiring, passionate and who are committed to ongoing professional development, involved in research

·          Are involved, personable, warm, welcoming

·          Are confident communicators

·          Value the care of children

·          Believe in and are partners with the Association and the kindergarten family vision

·          Have access to relevant technology and training

Looks like:

·          Full enrolments at all kindergartens with waiting lists

·          At least 6 months equity

·          Alternative funding streams

·          Property that is well maintained, aesthetically pleasing

·          Operating within budget

Looks like: 

·          Vibrant working partnerships with a wide range of community & national agencies eg health, Plunket, education

·          Families who are welcomed, supported and provided with opportunities for education & advice that helps their children learn & have fun

·          Parents involved in kindergarten life

·          Lively, effective committees 

·          Clear, two way communication between teachers, families, board & Management

·          Kindergartens supported in their external contract involvement

·          Community access to Association resources

·          A culture of trust and consultation

Looks like: A board who has

·          A living focussing Strategic Plan

·          Board succession, recruitment, orientation and training plans

·          Evaluation processes –continuously improving

·          Effective, engaging meetings with a planned 2 year agenda

·          A healthy work place

·          Regular ongoing PD

         And is:

·          A strong enabling employer

·          Deliberate in all planning.

·          Professional, participative, passionate and visionary

·          Financially savvy

·          Consultative with parents, staff, communities

·          Communicative

·          Committed to the objectives of the Treaty of Waitangi

Measures/ indicators eg

·          satisfaction feedback of parents (survey)

·          satisfaction feedback of primary school new entrant teachers (survey)

·          Monitoring level of accidents

·          ERO reports

·          # Enrolment & waiting lists

Measures/indicators eg

·          Increasing # staff delivering at conferences

·          # staff delivering at PD

·          # staff publishing in education publications

·          % satisfaction by parents

·          # of innovation projects

·          ERO comments/reports

·          Monitoring staff performance through appraisals

Measures/indicators eg

·          100% enrolments

·          # of additional income streams

·          # months emergency fund

·          Waiting lists

Measures/indicators eg

·          Full kindergartens & waiting lists

·          # kindergartens with effective committees

·          % satisfaction of parents,

·          % satisfaction of staff

·          # of effective partnerships

Measures/indicators eg

·          A full board

·          satisfaction of board members

·          satisfaction of staff [as employer]

·          Full complete documentation

·          Positive results from entrance/exit interviews

·          Positive ERO reports re kindergartens

Values that will be used to bring our vision into effect:   Professionalism   Excellence   Future Focused   Inclusive   Commitment

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66 Kennedy Road, Napier

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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Children enriched for life with a joy and passion for learning.

Our Mission:
Providing a quality foundation education that is professional, accessible and excellent.