the joy of teaching, the love of learning

the joy of teaching, the love of learning

Preparation For School

In the NZ school system parents are expected to make an active choice as to which school their child will attend. Some schools have a zoning policy and this is one of the questions parents should ask when enquiring about a suitable school. The Ministry of Education provides helpful advice on how to choose a school.
School visits
Our kindergarten teachers often take four year olds on school visits in small groups to the local schools. This can happen with just teachers and sometimes accompanied by parents. If this is not possible the kindergarten teachers will be able to advise you on how to make contact with the school and organise visits. We are fortunate that many of our kindergartens are physically situated near to the local school.
Helping children understand
Many of our teachers compile photo books which capture things that matter to five year olds about their local schools; e.g. where to put your bags, the toilets, the bell, what the playground looks like, your teacher. Kindergarten teachers talk positively of school and help children to understand what they can expect to happen there.
Learning links between kindergarten and schools
Our teachers foster skills in children that will be important in their first year at school and beyond. For example, children gain early literacy and numeracy skills along with social skills. They also gain independence and life skills such as managing your lunch and taking responsibility for your clothing. Our Te Whâriki curriculum directly links to the Key Competencies curriculum in primary schools. In addition some kindergartens offer special programmes such as Habits of Mind and the Virtues that may continue on at primary school. Kindergarten teachers liaise with teachers at their local schools and encourage them to visit the kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers and primary teachers often attend professional development programmes together and learn from each other.
Parent information evenings are often hosted at the kindergarten so that parents can learn about the school experience in the familiar setting of the kindergarten.

Check Ministry of Education advice on preparing your child for school.

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