the joy of teaching, the love of learning

the joy of teaching, the love of learning

Wharerangi Kindergarten

Welcome To Wharerangi Kindergarten

Our kindergarten is renowned for the warm, friendly and welcoming environment set in lush green surroundings, where teachers provide a haven for spontaneous self directed learning.  We value and promote close working relationships with our families and community. the work of children.
Come and join us on your child’s journey of discovery.
Spread the word loud and clear -  amazing early childhood experiences to be had here.
Teachers with passion, teachers who care.
We are accepting enrolments for 2017\18 please encourage your friends to bring their children here.
Welcoming new families into our kindergarten whanau is a two way enrichment we embrace

Our Session Times Are:
Monday to Friday:  8:30am to 12:45pm
Monday to Friday:  8:30am to 2:30pm

Our Staff to Child Ratio:
We have a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 children, with additional non teaching support as well.
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garden comp 2nd place

Congratulations! Wharerangi Kindergarten won 2nd Place in the Pre-School category of the NCC annual garden competition 2014.

Wharerangi Philosophy

Our children and whanau will belong to a colourful, calm and engaging community guided by teachers who are passionate and nurturing.

Our Favourite 2016 ERO Comment:

Children are highly engaged in a curriculum that reflects the kindergarten philosophy. Learning experiences foster creativity, calmness, caring and excitement. Respectful teaching practices contribute to children confidently taking risks and persevering in play. Well-developed relationships with families and children contribute to the strong sense of belonging evident.
Children's interests and engagement informs the programme. Opportunities for them to lead and self-direct their own learning are enacted.
Māori children have opportunities to succeed as Māori. Strengthened relationships with whānau have provided opportunities for their expertise and guidance to enrich teachers' practices and knowledge. All children are increasingly experiencing a curriculum that weaves Māori ways of knowing, doing and being through daily practices. Te ao Māori is genuinely expressed through children's learning narratives. Teachers plan to continue the development in this key area through professional learning programmes.

View full 2016 ERO report here.
Meet The Staff:
Left to Right Front: Kirstie Osgood, Fiona Hewetson,  
Back : Keely Foley, Angela Mills,  Ange Bartle

Wharerangi team Aug 2017
Head Teacher
  • Kirstie Osgood
  • ECE Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood). National Certificate in Maori, current First Aid
  • Keely Foley
  • Bachelor of teaching ECE & current first aid
  • Angela Mills
  • Bachelor of Education & current first aid
  • Ange Bartle
  • Dip. teaching ECE & current first aid
Kindergarten Support Worker
  • Fiona Hewetson

'I would like to say an enormous thank you to the amazing teachers at Wharerangi Kindergarten. They organised a wonderful excursion for our children today - a bus ride to the marine parade for morning tea, a tour of the city in the Hawkes Bay Express (road train) and returned us all safe and sound to the kindy in time for lunch - all this was done whilst dressed in the beautiful art deco's clothes that they supplied for the children. Our children (and parents) had a fantastic morning - all thanks to the hard work of the kindy staff Kirstie, Marg, Tina, Estelle and Fiona. We are extremely fortunate to have such caring, fun loving teachers educating and nurturing our wee ones.' D Pollard, 

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Contact Us:
Phone:       06 844 4113
Fax:           06 844 4118
Cellphone: 027 644 4035
Address:   13 Essex Street, Tamatea, Napier


Contact Us


Phone:  06 835 7890


66 Kennedy Road, Napier

PO Box 4298, Marewa, Napier

New Zealand

Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Learning is child's play and teaching is a passion.

Our Mission:
Providing flourishing environments where learning is child's play and teaching is a passion.