the joy of teaching, the love of learning

the joy of teaching, the love of learning

Strategic Discussions

The Board's strategic discussions help shape the future of our Association, define our culture and way of being and outline the Board's perspective on a range of topics. Below are details of the Boards' Strategic discussions:

Manaakitanga: Every child's culture, identity and language is affirmed
People: We have a culture of care for the wellbeing of all people
Whakawhanaungatanga: Teachers engage in partnerships with parents and whanau to promote learning success
We have processes in place to check whanau's views of our services
We have a culture of supporting employees through change
We plan strategically for the longer term provision of kindergarten in Napier and Wairoa
We raise brand awareness through marketing strategies
ECE Leaders in teaching practice
Adaptive and responsive to changing needs
Articulate our practice
Resilient & capable employees
Communication plans
Children and parents look forward to their kindergarten experience
Strong financial position
Communication free flowing across our Association
Meet community needs for ECE
Explore options for growth
Engage in partnerships, collaborative ventures
Increased range of services that are relevant and evolving
Exploring different ways of working
Courageous decisions
Develop Social Media
Reduce barriers for families
Deliberate in all planning
Relevant in the community
Hold current families
Ensure capacity to meet demand
Seek nimbleness and flexibility
Organisational and staff resilience
Engage new families
Courageous conversations
Maintain excellent ECE reputation

Build leadership capability 
Financial stability
Staff who are involved, personable, warm and welcoming 
Regular, on going professional development
Developing skills in sharing, problem solving, negotiation
Working relationships with a wide range of community and national agencies
Children who have experienced a large range of activities
Effective engaging meetings
Staff who value the care of children
Children who are free to play
A Board who has a living, focussing strategic plan
Families who are welcomed
Quality staff who are confident communicators
Cultural Diversity
Clear two-way communication
Financial stability
Quality staff
Holistically healthy children



Contact Us


Phone:  06 835 7890


66 Kennedy Road, Napier

PO Box 4298, Marewa, Napier

New Zealand

Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Together we nurture your child and their identity as a learner

Our Mission:
To inspire tamariki to be competent and confident learners