the joy of teaching, the love of learning

the joy of teaching, the love of learning

Pirimai Kindergarten


Welcome To Pirimai Kindergarten

Haere Mai
Pirimai Kindergarten welcomes you to our whanau
Enrolment forms can be downloaded here or you can call into the kindergarten.  We have an open door policy and would love to show you around our award winning playground
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Teachers take great care in setting up a beautiful environment that invites wonder and joy as your child explores. A key feature of our kindergarten is the warm and inclusive environment we have created for families. We support parents and invite you to stay and enjoy time with your child, help yourself to the kitchen facilities and sit down and browse our extensive lending library. We actively encourage children to take responsibility for a sustainable future and help us with gardening, a worm farm, and recycling. Together we are creating a community with a lifelong passion for learning that will make a better world for us all.


Our Session Times Are:
Monday to Friday:    8:30am to 12:00pm
Monday to Friday:    8:30am to 2:30pm

Our Staff To Child Ratio:
We have a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 children, with additional kindergarten support worker as well.
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Pirimai Philosophy:
Our kindergarten philosophy is founded in respectful and nurturing relationships where children, families and teachers are valued and welcomed.  We believe that socialisation is a vital part of teaching and learning and children learn best through play that is joyful and fun.

We acknowledge Mâori as Tangata Whenua and we are committed to  being a kindergarten that reflects that responsibility while also committing to providing an inclusive environment for all cultures and abilities.

We embrace our beautiful natural environment and strive to teach our children about environmental sustainability and taking responsibility for Papatuanuki, our planet Earth.  We will strive to teach the values and morals of our society including love, kindness and respect for each other.

We will do our utmost to provide an environment rich in literacy and numeracy, foster independence and provide a level of challenge that encourages growth and development in children so that they develop the resilience needed to succeed in today's world.

View full 2023 ERO report here.

Meet The Staff:

Left to right: Alana Titter (KSW) Karen Callaghan, Kelly Elder (Head Teacher), Cathy Alexander, Jo Wood

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Head Teacher  Kelly Elder (RHT)
  • Dip. ECE, B.Tch (ECE) & current first aid
Teacher  Jo Wood
  • Dip. ECE, B.Tch (ECE) & current first aid
Teacher  Karen Callaghan
  • B Ed. (ECE) & current first aid
Teacher  Cathy Alexander
  • Grad Dip ECE & current first aid

Kindergarten Support Worker  Alana Titter



We feel so lucky to have chosen Pirimai as our children's kindergarten. There was a nice native bush design in the gardens, good whanau programme and a professional teaching team which become the best memories in their childhood. As our two kids didn't speak English before they came to kindergarten I was worried about how they would communicate with teachers and how they would go about making friends with other kids? Especially my daughter as she is a very shy child who suffers from serious anxiety. All the teachers helped her and supported her not only in learning English but also in building her confidence. My daughter had a huge improvement in her two years at kindergarten. Big thanks to Jo, Michelle and all the team at Pirimai kindergarten. Love you all.

们觉得非常幸运能选择到Pirimai kindergarten 为我们儿子和女儿的幼儿园。美丽的灌木花园设计,良好的Whanau教育理念和专业的教师团队给我们留下了深刻的印象,也给孩子留下了美好的童年回忆。由于我们两个孩子在上幼儿园前一直是以说中文为主,所以我们家长也十分担心孩子们如何与老师交流,如何与其他孩子交上朋友,尤其是我的女儿,她十分害羞内向,非常容易产生焦虑在陌生的环境下,所有的老师都给予h她很多的帮助,在两年的幼儿园生活中,我女儿不仅在英文会话上而且在自信心的树立方面都有了巨大的进步。非常感谢Jo, Michelle和整个教师团队的热心付出,我们全家都爱你们。

“What a wonderful two years we have had at Pirimai Kindergarten. Thank you for the exceptional hard work, dedication and love that the teachers have all shown Millie and us as a family throughout her time at Pirimai Kindergarten. When Millie first started, she was having trouble with speech, could be very anxious at times and found interacting with others sometimes a challenge. Wow what a difference you all have made! Millie is now a confident young girl who has developed so much and that is mainly due to the dedication that you have all put in. As a family we will really miss the warm welcomes that you give each morning when we walk through the gate and the positive environment that you have at Pirimai Kindergarten. Pirimai Kindergarten will also hold a special place in our hearts.” Kerry (parent) 

We are so happy with Pirimai Kindergarten, with being new to Napier I felt I should check out a few kindys in the area before we made a decision on where to send our daughter, although they were all nice, Pirimai stood out initially because of the first conversation I had with Jo about her views and values within the kindy. She and the other staff are fantastic and my daughter loves it. Claire (parent) 

Pirimai Kindergarten was a wonderful learning environment for our boys, both of whom enjoyed their time there immensely. The teaching staff were always friendly and approachable, and kept us included in the kids' kindy experiences. I always felt listened to when I had questions or concerns, or when I wanted to contribute. The afternoon program provided a great launchpad for our children as they entered school and they were more than ready when the time came for them to move to primary education. David (parent) 

My daughter attended Pirimai kindergarten for two and a half years and has recently started school and I credit her easy intergration into school life with the fantastic start she received at kindy. Fantastic friendly, enthusiastic teachers help the children to become independent and confident. Of particular note are the fantastic outings that the children are involved with giving them a wide range of experiences. I can highly recommend Pirimai kindy to any parent or caregiver. E Clark (parent)

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Phone:       06 843 5051
Cellphone: 027 243 5051
Address:   17 Allen Berry Avenue, Pirimai, Napier


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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision
Together we nurture your child and their identity as a learner

Our Mission:
To inspire tamariki to be competent and confident learners